wget… just as user-friendly as tar ;)

wget -r -N –no-parent http://server.tld/directory/ –level 1 –accept “*.mp3″ -nd -e robots=off -U “custom user-agent” -b

downloads all files in the remote directory without creating a hierarchy, without traversing links and only getting mp3 files – rewriting the timestamp, ignoring robots.txt and listing itself as my custom user-agent – runs in the background and logs all activity to a file in the directory

raspberry as status screen / wall calendar / mpd player

I need fridges all over the house. Why? Because fridge-magnets are the secret to getting things done. However, in the morning I often don’t go to the fridge. Also it isn’t magnetic
So I want a whiteboard/magnet thingie at the door so I see it before I exit the house.
Now this does not match my philosophy of “we need modern things” so let’s build it using a raspberry and hang it to the wall.
Obviously, it should look nice, too so lets not have error messages, mouse-cursors or other stuff that distracts from what is important!
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summer ending

today is the last beautiful day in this summer, they say – the weather man calling it the last day where we will have sun and 20+ degrees celsius
From tomorrow on it will be truly autumn and more rain is going to come
How nice of my depression to chose this day to creep back on me – because I have the feeling that I _have to_ go out today and enjoy this day I am developing all kind of aversions against going out.
Oh, how I hate this..


so I need a new board – snowflower has died and is now a surfboard/toy for my kids ;)

having ridden a longboard (K2 Eldorado) last winter I got addicted to long boards and carving. Skip the park, park is for dogs :P – I want speed and I want to learn to ride in fresh snow – so what’s to do?

being 172 and 90 kilos I obviously need something a little special:
no clue about that camber/rocker stuff, will have to test it but lets start dreaming
apparently keywords to use are
– freeride
– carving
– longboard
– somewhat wider
– stiff

so finding this:

– K2 Eldorado obviously (apparently a masterful allrounder)
– Rad Air Tanker (grandfather of longboards, apparently)
– Dupraz D1 (comes in + and ++ – depending how heavy you are / how agressive you ride)
– LTB – supreme
– Swoard – dual
– good – keep should know more

enable netflix from linux

it works when using pipelight-plugin and user-agent-overrider

add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable
apt-get update
apt-get install pipelight

pipelight-plugin –update

pipelight-plugin –enable silverlight

install user-agent-overrider

enable, go preferences
add these two for Netflix and Unity3D:

# Netflix/Unity3D
Firefox 15/Windows: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:15.0) Gecko/20120427 Firefox/15.0a1
Safari/OSX: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_3) AppleWebKit/534.55.3 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1.3 Safari/534.53.10

test silverlight plugin here:

then Netflix should work using the overrider set to Firefox 15 / Windows

Any DRM-errors you still get are caused by Noscript, https-everywhere and Adblock or flash – just create exceptions for them

Screenshot - 020714 - 19:54:15

on techinc and society

Back in the days I met people who were fundamentalist vegans, calling themselves “straight edge” – we lived for half a year in the same building till we could not stand each other anymore – Some people would boycott what the other was doing/liking/listening to because somewhere it conflicted with the ethics of one of the Vegans.

We stopped listening to music together (because %recordlabel% was supporting the exploitation of children somewhere), we stopped cooking and eating together (because %shop% supports the destruction of rice fields somewhere) and so on.. everything had a problem that made it unethical/impossible to reach common ground

Now you could ask yourself why this happened.. were the fundamentalists too fundamentalist? They would not be fundamentalist, then, right? <<— edit: maybe ideologist/ideology would be more fitting – thanks

Were we too “corrupted” by society to accept their point of view?

In fact, everyone had sound arguments and reasons for what he was doing, yet our shared apartment that was started on the premise of “Hey, you people are cool, we meet at many parties, lets live together”

The two emails I received on the techinc mailing list regarding hitb and the reputation of techinc painfully remind me of that time…

Probably the katholics/protestants felt similar like 500 years ago.. we all know how that ended ;)
Heck, the entire civilization we currently live in has been like that and I still don’t like it but you know what? Democracy may be inherently bad it it is still the most common form of “how to piss the least people off and still manage to keep the show going”. This system is powered by public reward for things done well (salary, media, etc.. ) and punishment for things not done right (penalties, fees, court, jail, public shaming, exclusion from the “club”)

Again, I don’t think it is the best system to have but all the alternatives cause only more fragmentation and dissent.. do we want that? Shall we continue as one block of awesome people standing together or shall we just let it fall apart because we don’t like the hair of the other person?
(*glances at Mitch Altman and giggles*)

windows media / gaming pc

windows 8.1 seems solid so as I want to play games I decided to throw some servers / services on there, too

but first disable that tablet crap and the “metro” interface
I will be using desktop software anyway so no need for that touch stuff

Right-click the taskbar on the desktop and under “Navigation” disable all “corner navigation” charms/crap
then select “show desktop instead of start” and “show apps view” – disable “search all” and enable “list apps first”

go to the metro search > uninstall programs and delete them all

install vlc, foxit reader, itunes, steam, quasselclient, firefox, spotify, etc)

also> gpedit > comuter management > administrative > windows components > onedrive > prevent onedrive

install calibre ebook server and plex media server (once I have a NAS this will change)

enable file sharing and streaming for the home group

check firewall for permissions / check device is not reachable from the outside

enable file history / add shared media folders to libraries

consider growing disks for backup > FAIL – not enough SATA ports > see NAS project :)