fedora core 21 > 23

trying to do this without reinstalling the entire OS…
yum install dnf dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
dnf system-upgrade --releasever=23 download

so far only fedy was disabled (cannot find repo)

1.6GB download…

all working fine – except my gpg keys…
quite impressive. ubuntu release upgrades rarely worked like that for me…

volumio on raspberry pi 2 with album art

I have received a hifiberry daughterboard for the great raspberry pi 2 which makes it put out really nice audio. Now MPD is not featuring local cover art unless you run a webserver to tell it where to look for it.

Now here is how to tell the built in webserver to add a subdirectory that finds cover art (if you follow convention to sort your albums.

This information was compiled by Rowar from the RaspiFy forums before it was called volumio
but it works fine here with mpdroid and mPod

thank you, Dude! :)

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Android round three

so the phone decided to erase and reinstall itself after it could not decrypt its flash storage.
While awesome from a security point if view I would really have liked to know what exactly caused this.

but then again, the amount of tinkering possible with this phone (Android 5.0.2 + cyanogenmod) is stunning and keeps amazing me.

conclusion: Not suitable for business (immature/confusing) but wonderful and confusing and time-consuming (just like every Linux distribution ever)