steam box 2015

UPDATE: I ditched this for a fedora box that does steam, NAS and everything else
Also I went for rsync my homedir between PC and Server instead of RAID :)
basically I wanted SteamOS but it does not run Plex Media Center
Ubuntu did it all but I don’t like Unity at all and UbuntuGnome feels somewhat unfinished. Will try again next cycle. Or go Fedora with BTRFS which also seems almost ready for production. Anyway.

this year the first steam boxes will hit the stores
I will wait some time before I buy one but I still want a box that is connected to my TV with hdmi and gives me light games (not halflife, elite:dangerous or star citizen, I have a dedicated machine for that)
it should run steam and plex home theater (or something similar) – and that automatic and beautiful.
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DNS caching resolver for home

Preface: the fortigate I am using at home sucks at DNS – in fact it sucks at many things when you are used to a FritzBox – but I am stubborn and I will do this because I work with fortigates and want the learning experience. (and because I am stubborn)

somehow the big models can all do forward DNS services but the FortiWifi40C somehow can’t even act as a DNS gateway / proxy without bringing the internet experience to a grinding halt here.
(I run a small network, about 5 devices and 4 mobiles and if I can feel it I don’t want to know what a small office will experience…)
But: I have this Raspberry that receives audio via zeroconf and is connected to the network and to my amplifier.
Why not have it act as a caching DNS resolver, too?
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fedora 21

so after 7 years I decided to give fedora another try
after ubuntu kinda lost its advantage by being
– as complicated as windows (or windows stopping being annoying?)
– requiring me to tweak it for hours till I like it turns out fedora is no different – it’s either Apple or suck it up and customize :)
– just too old / ancient package manager (as if I know anything about that)

anyway – let’s try it!
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ipv6 between fortigate and fritz box

EDIT: AVM is not parsing /var/flash/debug.cfg anymore :(

so it turns out the IPv6 ready devices AVM fritz box 7360 and FortiWifi 40c are not so IPv6 ready as they claim they are…

both can not handle prefix delegation so I have to hack static routes to make it work.
(I tried it all, it seems the fritz’s firewall blocks IPv6 when it was assigned via dhcp6 (“adminstratively prohibited” even when Prefix delegation is enabled and the firewall is set to “exposed host”)

so let’s do it the hard way:
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ubuntu 14.10 testing

gnome3 – why not? :)
installing ubuntu gnome and broke it in less than 24 hours.
I really need to find a way to transfer home and all config data without breakage – or better: what not to transfer…

– do not install encrypted home – let’s do that later
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wget… just as user-friendly as tar ;)

wget -r -N –no-parent http://server.tld/directory/ –level 1 –accept “*.mp3″ -nd -e robots=off -U “custom user-agent” -b

downloads all files in the remote directory without creating a hierarchy, without traversing links and only getting mp3 files – rewriting the timestamp, ignoring robots.txt and listing itself as my custom user-agent – runs in the background and logs all activity to a file in the directory

raspberry as status screen / wall calendar / mpd player

I need fridges all over the house. Why? Because fridge-magnets are the secret to getting things done. However, in the morning I often don’t go to the fridge. Also it isn’t magnetic
So I want a whiteboard/magnet thingie at the door so I see it before I exit the house.
Now this does not match my philosophy of “we need modern things” so let’s build it using a raspberry and hang it to the wall.
Obviously, it should look nice, too so lets not have error messages, mouse-cursors or other stuff that distracts from what is important!
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